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How to create a wordpress plugin for beginners


How to create a WordPress plugin for beginners, this is the major question for everyone who wants to create their own plugin for WordPress.

WordPress is the best framework for everyone who wants to create a website and customized theme using WordPress. Some of them use some plugin for their working purpose. But sometimes a question appear in their mind that how to create a WordPress plugin for beginners.

We are now discussing how to create a WordPress plugin for beginners. Before starting we have to know that how to create your blogging website in wordpress and which language wordpress built. And first of all the question appear that what is plugin in WordPress.

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A plugin is a part of wordpress. By the plugin we do our work better and easier. For example, if we use a contact form in our website in wordpress we basically use plugin. If we use image gallery for gallery page and want that gallery so effective then we use plugin.

Today we’ll learn the basic method of plugin. So, lets start our custom plugin.

First, create a file with php extension. and insert to a plugin folder which is  wp-content -> plugin

How to create a wordpress pluginwordpress plugin

For example, I am using index.php

In this index.php file, I’ll mention Plugin name, Author, Description etc.

Like that


This is the basic part of creating wordpress plugin.

Second, this plugin’ll be activate. Before active plugin you create a folder and insert that file to folder and make it a zip file and then go to Plugins of your wordpress dashboard then click Plugins then upload plugin then upload that zip file and click install now button then activate plugin.

How to create a WordPress plugin for beginners

We successfully uploaded our custom plugin but we could not see anything in this plugin because we just create a plugin but we do not write any code for this plugin. Now we’ll write some code with a and fetching data with a shortcode.

plugin shortcode

Here the shortcode is DEMOSHORTCODE . Now we’ll use this shortcode just like that

shortcode plugin demo

Click to publish button for publish this plugin.

Now your plugin is ready. Your plugin is just like that

demo wordpress plugin

I hope that you understand that how to create a WordPress plugin for beginners. This is very easy. So, follow every step and practice every day and follow our next blog for learning technology.



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